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CADG Productions Land Rental


Please read the following Terms and Conditions.


The Terms and Conditions are that:

1. The Production Company warrants that all information provided is true and correct in every particular on the land rental agreement form, and no material or relevant information  has been omitted;

2. The Production Company will acknowledge the assistance of CADG Productions for its services in the production by the usual method of end credits or as mutually agreed;

Conditions for On Location Filming:

3. Pre-conditions stipulated regarding location filming must be adhered to. Any such conditions will be negotiated prior to filming or training;

4. CADG Productions will have a representative present at all times at the cost of the Production Company; (NO EXCEPTIONS)

5. The Production Company will ensure all crew, cast and other persons in its employ follow reasonable directions given by CADG Productions representative and/or delegate;

6. The Production Company acknowledges that it conducts the filming or training entirely at its own risk and hereby releases to the fullest extent permitted by the law, CADG Productions and its servants, agents and contractors in the absence of any wilful default on their part from all claims and of every kind resulting from any accident, death or injury occurring at the location to any person or property;


7. The Production Company must have adequate liability insurance which also covers CADG Productions representative and/or delegate or servants, agents and contractors.

8. The Production Company indemnifies and holds harmless CADG Productions and its employees, agents, subcontractors and volunteers from and against any direct or indirect Loss, that CADG Productions may sustain or incur arising from any claim, suit, demand action or proceedings by any person against CADG Productions in respect of the filming, training, or otherwise arising as a consequence of these Terms and Conditions.

9. The Production Company will not allow any wilful damage or permanent alterations to be done to the land rental location or contents of the land rental location.

10 The Production Company will repair all damage to the location for which it has been responsible at its own cost;

12. The Production Company will remove all of its property and rubbish from the location at the end of the use of the location at its own cost;

13. The Production Company will restore the location to the condition it was in, prior to filming at its own cost;

14. The Production Company will not do, or allow to be done, any act that will become an annoyance or disturbance to owners, tenants or neighbours;

15. The Production Company will pay a bond of $3,000.00 Aus to CADG Productions including total amount of the rental for the land when booking. This bond may be applied to repair and/or damage or replace any losses as a consequence of the filming or training. The balance or full bond refund will be refunded by CADG Productions after its inspection of the location;


16. The Production Company acknowledges and agrees that they must pay a bond and the full amount including GST for the land rental when they make their booking.

17. Any bond, less deductions made in accordance with these Terms will be refunded within 30 days of completion of filming at the location;

18. The Production Company acknowledges that CADG Productions may revoke the land rental agreement at any time. This may be due to but is not limited to non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions.


Bookings must be lodged at least 6 weeks or more before land rental is required.


All Production Companies are required to enter into a written Land Rental Agreement with CADG Productions.

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