Professional Advisors

CADG Productions Advisors are qualified with Cert 4 and have powerful Presentation Skills a discipline approach to the task at hand and the ability to anticipate potential obstacles and "GETTING THE JOB DONE".

CADG Productions Advisors can come in on a production at any stage - helping with Script and Story Development - Securing Appropriate Equipment or Surveying Locations and giving on Set Advice during Production and more.

To ensure complete authenticity in your production CADG Productions unique Specialist Advisors can advise on many topics, for example: Private Security

NGO'S - Hostile Environments.  Our Head Adviser having over 40 years of experience and being a specialist himself in many fields in the Australian Air Force - Australian Army, Military Special Operations and Law Enforcement areas.

Our head advisor has recently completed studies at the Centre For Terrorism and Counterterrorism at the Leiden University The Hague Netherlands which is a valuable asset to CADG Productions.

The above gives us the ability to evaluate the challenges you face and provide lasting or ongoing solutions to any demanding Project - Operation or Film Production.


Our head Military Advisor having over 40 years experience and being a specialist himself in many fields: 

Australian Air Force

Security Guard Dog Handler Posted to 37 Squadron - Tactical Airlift  Squadron.

Australian Army (Specialist)

Explosives TNT - Plastic - Det Cord - Ammonium Nitrate.

Booby Traps Mechanical - Man Made - Improvised.

 M9A1-7 Flame Thrower. 

Mine Warfare Laying, Clearing and more.

Field Engineering Field Obstacles, Construction and more.

Weapons Assault Rifles - Hand Guns - Heavy Weapons.

Rocket Launchers Carl Gustav 84mm Rocket Launcher  M72A1 66mm Rocket Launcher and more.

Army Intelligence as a Aerial Reconnaissance Photographer with Army Aviation / Twin Engine GAF Nomads - Pilatus Porters PT6 - Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks.

Radio Communications.

Survival Training. Jungle, Desert, Sea, Cold Weather.

Amphibious Small Craft Training. Beauford, Assault Craft, MK3 Kayak.

Section Commander. Infantry and Assault Pioneers.

Platoon Sergeant Infantry and Assault Pioneers.

Military Police Forensic Photographic Trainer.

Our head advisor is also an expert for tracking in hunting and ecology which is the science and art of observing animal tracks and other signs, with the goal of gaining understanding of the landscape and the animal being tracked. He has applied these methods over many years in all areas of the world with success in hunting.

He is qualified with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography and has experience in Digital Artistry and Multimedia Designing.


In all cases we will tailor our support to your specific needs. Don't hesitate to call or email us to discuss any questions no matter how small or large your production is.